July - 17 - 2021 | Musik und Stulle @ Hobenköök - Hamburg 


August - 08 - 2021 - Bei Chéz Heinz (Open Air) - Hannover 

Hanover-based Indie-Pop artist Lukas Dolphin is a city dweller, but there is no doubt that his soul lives by the ocean. Its from those depths that he creates such moving stories, which come to light with sophisticated melodies. His expressive voice underlines the tone of his lyrics; sometimes soft and intimate, sometimes loud and almost violent, as if his soul is ejecting out of his body.

In this way he invents his very own genre. It is hard to define which ingredients he uses, but the influences of Elliot Smith, Simon & Garfunkel and REM are definitely recognizable. 

At just 26 years of age, Lukas Dolphin tells a story rich beyond his years. Whether folk, indie, pop or punk, he combines all these styles in his music and unexpectedly creates something completely new.


Silent beauty and gentle melancholy - this is what defines the sound of his new self-titled EP "Lukas Dolphin" (2020) - where he moves with open eyes and great warmth. Throughout the record he masters the subtle nuances between folk, indie and pop with weightless ease and combines imaginative harmonies with stark lyricism. He creates a thoughtful acoustic atmosphere with elegant guitar playing, brass, choirs and cello sounds. His poetic and honest lyrics do not hide the shallows and traps in which he may have once fallen into.

These diverse influences, which characterize the music of Lukas Dolphin, reflect his life, because he is a seeker. Growing up in a creative environment, he beat his first drum set to a pulp at Christmas at the age of four. His musical journey was foreseeable. As he embraced the life of punk, he would later be seen around the big city, always with his guitar at hand. Excessive touring with his band followed, and at the same time he won numerous solo contests and developed into a sought-after live artist.

Lukas Dolphin songs are classic "slow burners": they reveal their secrets little by little, only to become permanently stuck in your head. Whether an exhilarating love song, psychedelic ode to one's own fears or sensitive portrayal of everyday problems - he can sing about anything. The listener is left spellbound, craving more from the young troubadour. 



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